Wednesday, August 22

Flax Seed: The Love is Back

Unlike the New York Times, I admit my errors, and print retractions.

Oh, flax seed: I done you wrong. Couldn't find your numbers on the USDA database I was using, so I googled you, and found numbers that fit the database format.

Alas. The Internets were wrong. Or they don't correlate with the government's numbers, and we all know that everything the government says is true.

Now I've found the USDA's updated database, and it seems you're just a lowly seed, filled with protein, yes, but neither better nor worse than sesame, hemp, chia, or celery seeds. You're just a lonely little oilseed, forty percent protein, and 25 calories per gram.

I'll celebrate your rehabilitation by throwing you in a smoothy, and pulverizing you into itty bitty  little pieces before I send you swirling through my acidic digestive tract.

Big kisses!

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