Thursday, August 23

Doing the Best That I Can

...And then I said, "C'mon! We can do another lap."

And K. said, "Ugghhh."

And I said, "If we do another hill climb, we can feel morally superior to everyone else. And we can drop comments into our conversation like 'Well, when I was walking the hill the second time this morning...' But if we don't do it, we'll feel like losers. So let's roll!"

K.: "Fine. But then I'm going to California and I'm not coming back until school starts."

And she did. And I haven't been back up the hill since Monday.

Sigh. Now I don't feel morally superior to anyone.

On the plus side, there are blackberries everywhere, and I can step outside my door to forage for breakfast. Which is what I did this morning when I had to take hubby up north to a doctor's appointment.

OK, so maybe I'm feeling a little bit everyone who ate Froot Loops this morning.

- - - -
Note overuse of italics in this post, in honor of the late Helen Gurly Brown, the queen of crazy overused italics in every single thing she ever wrote! RIP.

- - - -
Mac Davis knows, it really is Hard to be Humble.

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