Monday, July 16

Wonderin' How I'll Get Down the Stairs

One of my freelancers came by my office one day to chat, and half an hour later I got a phone call:

"Did I leave my wallet on your desk?"

Hmmm. Nope. It wasn't there. "I don't see it anywhere. You must have taken it with you." The phone went quiet.

"The empirical evidence," he said, "would suggest the contrary."

* * *

These weight plateaus are just so darned discouraging. And so illogical. Eating pretty much the same number of calories every day, doing roughly the same volume of exercise. Weighing myself at roughly the same time. Drinking nearly identical quantities of water. And some days I'll drop three pounds; other days I'll gain a half a pound or more.

There must be other factors at work. Weight fairies? Fat demons? Leaden tumors growing under my kneecaps? Scales with an attitude?

No, says the logical mind. It's simply calories in, calories out.

But the empirical evidence -- I must admit -- suggests the contrary.

- - - -

Food to the left of me, workouts to the right, but here I am, Stuck in the Middle with


  1. Have you taken your measurements? If you are slow with poundage, I bet you are losing inches. And with all your exercising, I wouldn't be surprised if you were dropping inches like crazy. Also, depending on your hormonal cycle, during the month women tend to retain water during menstruation and ovulation. It's frustrating, but the weight typically comes right off after the hormones drop. Not to sound too brainy - but it was explained to me like that and seems to make sense for my body.

    1. Yeah, you make a good point. My measurements are declining pretty dramatically...but I'm laser focused on weight. I don't give a rat's backside how I look, whether I can beat up muggers, or whether my pants have sufficient sag. I just want to be a feather weight!

      Dang nab it. No more muscle! It's messin' with the scale!