Tuesday, July 17

Not the Kinda Girl Who Gives Up Just Like That

Grrr to the scale.

* * *

Last night during high tide, Hubby and I walked the boardwalk at Redondo, our closest beach. Went to bed, realized my once-too-tight wedding ring was gone.

Darned thing must have fallen right off my hand.

So this morning my friend Kathleen and I said a prayer, then rewalked the boardwalk, down in the sand and up top, looking for the ring.

Gone. Forever. Swallowed up in the belly of a whale. (Yes, we also have whales in Puget Sound. Very cool Orcas. Now are you jealous?)

Kathleen brought over a metal detector this afternoon, and I checked the tide tables. Super low tide tomorrow morning.

This evening Hubby got up and checked under the bed one last time, on a hunch.

And there it was. The wedding ring. Yay.

My husband: "I told you God likes me best."

- - - -
Today's soundtrack is just too obvious. But Debbie Harry is such a bad dancer it's actually funnny: The Tide is High.

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