Saturday, July 14

A Concert of Veggies

It’s been a busy day ‘round these parts. Woke up at o’dark hundred and waddled down to the valley to collect baskets of produce from the local farm co-op.

Today’s haul: Eighteen pounds of cherries, bags of green beans, tomatoes, radishes, bananas, plums, and much more. For a very small outlay of...well, not cash, but definitely credit card.

Little Missy and I spent the better part of the day pitting and freezing cherries. So. Many. Cherries. And another part of the day fending off Papa Bear, who has decided that pitted cherries are infinitely more tasty than the usual sort.


So today’s workout consisted primarily of building upper body strength working the cherry pitter. It was fully 9 pm before yours truly climbed aboard the treadmill to put in some well earned Tivo clearing.

- - - -
While I was working at the hoity-toity furniture store, one of our co-workers sent her man to Ticketmaster to buy tickets to a Neil Diamond concert. Just as he got to the front of the line, the last ticket was snatched up.

He turned to leave, but the clerk told him to hold up. They’d just learned there’d be a second concert. And that’s how we scored front-row-center seats to the best concert I'd ever attended. Today’s soundtrack, courtesy of my second-favorite Jew: Cherry Cherry.

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