Wednesday, July 18

Couple of Tourists, Covered in Soil

Once my sister and I boated up to Guangzhou and rented bikes for the day. We had no master plan, and eight hours to kill, so my sissy had a thought: “I want to find out how people here live,” she said, and pointed to a random man on a bike. “Let’s follow him and see where he goes.”

We did. For the first mile or so, he rode in a straight line. Then he began turning corners, and glancing over his shoulder. Eventually, he started circling a single block. Finally, he stopped, got off his bike, and glared at us.


My sister pointed to another man. “Follow him!”

And that’s how we spent the day. You’d think that in a city with 4.5 million bicyclists, people wouldn’t pay much attention to a couple of large sweaty white chicks on one-speeds. But I don’t think we ever got more than a mile or two before our “guides” would spot us, and start riding faster, slowing waaaay down, or dodging around corners to lose their tails.

And in the end, we probably learned nothing at all about how people in Guangzhou spend their days.

That evening we were back home, and when we arrived at the house I hopped on the scale. A full day of bike riding had netted me a six-pound weight loss.

Totally worth it.

* * *

The exercise watch I ordered off EBay a month ago finally arrived. It measures my pulse, and keeps track of the number of steps I take each day.

I’m childless this week (Wee one is up a mountain at girls’ camp), and I’ve been quite frustrated at a week of no weight loss.

So I decided to spend an entire day exercising. Yesterday, I put in 23,000 steps. Today: 24,000. And I think I’ve blown out a pair of trainers.

Net: One pound down.

Totally worth it.

Tomorrow: 25,000 steps or bust.

- - - -

Some people claim that I’ve a sister to blame, but I know: It’s my own darned fault. Jimmy Buffet knows how I feel.


  1. Thank you so much for posting! Way to go, on all your hard work. I was wondering about the practical side of your diet. Do you have general rules you follow, like eating 5xs/day or 80% vegetables, or x amount of leafy greens, or do you just eat whatever, whenever? For someone who's just getting started, what kinds of suggestions do you have?

    1. Honestly, I'm mostly eating whatever I chopped up and stuck in the fridge. Yesterday, I had a big ole' bowl of frozen cherries for desert, and that was heavenly. When I eat out, I try to go someplace with a salad bar so I can grub veggies. But mostly, just apples, bananas, carrots, whatever. I'm too lazy to do anything elaborate. Maybe later, but for now...mehhh.

  2. So... I'm curious. Will you continue raw after your hundred is off? I can't decide myself - some days it gets really hard not to have cooked food, but when I do, I usually feel awful (headache, etc) and gain weight. But staying raw is a major commitment. Especially with a family. I notice these raw food gurus are often either single, childless, with grown children, or the entire family is raw. Tough when you are the only one among many cooked eaters - wouldn't you agree?

    1. I do agree...and I'm kind of neglecting my family this summer, letting them fend for themselves in the nutritition department. But they're on board, and trying their best not to undermine me. (Hubby bought a pumpkin pie, and swears it tastes like shaving cream.) If they bring garbage into the house, they very kindly keep it hidden so I'm not tempted.