Wednesday, June 27

Still an Embryo

Cruising along at a tilt – yes, I’m still limping when I walk – means that every few miles, I need to take my autobody in for a tune-up.

So after a recent hill climb, I stopped by to visit my chiropractor, Dr. Magichands. Dr. M. is very supportive of my whole weight-loss program, and was, in fact, the first person to suggest to me the idea of eating raw food. So you’d think the captain of my fan club would know better than to pursue the following conversation:

Me, lying on the rack with a heating pad on my back: “OK, so guess what? I walked all the way to the top of the Big Hill today.”

Dr. M: “Which big hill?”

Me: “The 277th Corridor. It’s 1.1 miles each way, with something like a 400-foot altitude gain.”

Dr. M: “That’s great. I climbed a big hill yesterday.”

Me: “The Corridor?”

Dr. M: “No.” Long pause. “Mount Rainier.”

Me: “Uh...”

* * *

Yeah. So I walked a mile up a hill. And a mile back down. Hear me roar.


Today's soundtrack courtesy of Helen Reddy: I Am Woman (1971)

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