Thursday, June 28

Cardio: My Kryptonite

During boot camp the other night I found myself panting on a bench next to a former winner of this Biggest Loser competition.

He’s in his fifth round of this thing – because, apparently, winning five grand is addictive. He came in third two times, won once, and won the “Biggest Gainer” title (for muscle gain) a different time.

“So,” I gasped. “What’s the secret? Is it diet, or exercise?”

“Well,” said he (Note that he did not gasp, because – apparently – doing this five times also gives you strong lungs). “Diet does make a difference, no doubt. And I usually under-eat when I’m competing.”

He paused. And continued not gasping.

“But to tell the truth, I work from home, so I get to go to the gym two or three hours a day. And for the last five competitions, as far as I can tell, whoever does the most cardio, wins.”

So there you have it. From the winner’s mouth to my ears. More cardio.

Dang-nab it.

Because I was really hoping the secret to winning was “More Carrot Cake.”

- - - -

Is it possible men are meant to ride with clouds between their knees? Today's soundtrack brought to you by Five for Fighting: Superman (and incidentally, the very best piece of pop music ever written.)