Wednesday, August 29

And The Winner Is...

Yay. I did it. I won a plaque. And five hundred bones. And a car wash. And more personal training sessions.

So that's good.

And now comes second crunch time. I'm determined to lose the remaining 27 pounds.

But first: A salad, a big salad, with dressing. Yeah, it was ranch. Forgot to tell the waitress to leave it off, and was too hungry to send it back. Now, my gall bladder is killing me. Ow, ow, ow. We won't be doing that again.

Wanna see pictures? Arggh. Highly embarrassing, but they're hanging up in my gym now, so I might as well stop playing coy.

Oh, the humanity.

Guess which one's the before. The dates might provide a clue.

So, okay then. We're 73 pounds down, 27 to go. (And what's the secret to losing four and a half pounds in a day? Easy. I removed my shoes, my watch, my sweatcoat, and my sunglasses before the final weigh in. That pretty much sorted it.)

- - - -
Journey has my theme song for the next phase of this undertaking: Don't Stop Believing.


  1. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations to you!!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS Laura!!! You seriously look like such a hot mama. I bet you are so proud of yourself!!! What an inspiration!!

  2. That's amazing! Youve always looked fabulous, but now you look healthy! Congratulations. Love your writing and sense of humor! Thx for sharing your journey.
    Karen O.

  3. You look FABULOUS LM!! Bikini shot next? : )