Monday, June 11

Today’s Butt Whoopin’

Lost only half a pound over the weekend – not quite enough to move the ticker down another notch.

But today’s workout was brutal. Put in 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Then Johnny Walker kicked my hindquarters for another half hour, making me do steps and squats. He’s kind of mean, really. He made sweat run into my eyes, and didn’t have any sympathy at ALL!

Unfortunately, it seems I have the lung capacity of a corpse. It’s getting better, though, despite the fact I collapse between intervals. Miracle of miracles, I can balance on the bad leg momentarily. Couldn’t even put my full weight on it when I started this game. Balancing – even briefly – is a huge thing. Yay for Johnny Walker!

Then I put in another half hour on the bike. Pandora seems to know instinctively how to keep my heart rate above 135...and rewards me with a little Otis Redding when I do really well.

Johnny Walker is looking forward to Wednesday’s public weigh in, and predicts there’ll be some loud cursing when they call out my number.

I’m trying to think of a disguise to wear. I do NOT want to be on display. I'm in it for the money, I tell you! So whaddya think? Oversized sunglasses and a large straw hat?

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  1. This is so fun to read!! it's wednesday now, and I can't wait for the weigh in!!! You go, Laura!!