Wednesday, June 6

Sunny Gym

Lest we forget the original purpose of going to the gym, here's a report on the progress of my slow-healing leg.

Getting up and down stairs with an atrophied leg and dead foot is presently my biggest problem -- but I'm making progress. The first day at the gym, Johnny Walker put me on a weighted machine that required me to push my knees up using my feet. My perfectly healthy right leg handled the task without any effort. I pushed the weight up a full four inches or so, the full range of my foot's motion.

But my left leg? You couldn't have slid a sheet of paper under my heel. Absolutely no movement.

And what a gimp I was when I first walked into the gym. Every step was painful, and sometimes it hurt so bad to lift my foot I'd just drag it, like my town's version of Quasimoto.

Today, I'm lifting that weighted machine a couple of inches with my left leg, and I just managed a little over a mile on the treadmill, barely limping. Yes I did.

I'm not sure I could have done a mile on the treadmill before I broke my leg. I could've managed maybe a walk around the block; on a really good day, maybe a couple of laps. But today I walked a mile in my own shoes. So y'know when I suggested a few postings back that maybe God gave me a little shove down those stairs? Raise your hands in the air if you're now a believer. Hallelujah!

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