Tuesday, May 22

Deal of the Century

So it was all these thoughts roiling around in my head that I went back to the gym for a second time. And noticed, this time, signs up all over the place for my gym's version of a Biggest Loser competition. I asked Johnny about the competition.

"If you lose the biggest percentage of body weight in 90 days, you get 500 dollars," he told me. Every four months the gym starts up a new 90-competition. The twelfth competition would end in a few days, and round 13 would begin four weeks later, on May 30th.

Hmmm. Five hundred bucks. Yeah, I'd take 500 bucks. That'd cover the money I'd spent on my last unused gym membership. And I can totally win. I'm pretty good at losing weight, when I feel like it. I know about Elbow Splints.

"So how much to join the gym?"

"We'll talk about it after your workout."

Once again, I worked up a sweat. Twice in one week. That's definitely never happened before.

Then we sat down to talk about prices. Turns out gym memberships are a whole lot cheaper these days than the last time I'd been roped in. This was so cheap that, if I won the 500 bucks, it'd cover 18-month-memberships for myself, my husband, and our youngest daughter.

And a few personal training sessions to boot.

So we started negotiations. If I signed up for the competition, which included some personal training sessions, how much for memberships? The final number was so low it seemed kind of stupid not to sign up. My last car repair cost more.

I pulled out my credit card. No problem. I'm going to win the 500 bucks, and I'll have cash to spare.

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