Thursday, June 14

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

OK. Guilt trip over. Now I’ve got my dander up. During my workout today I asked Johnny Walker whether the other trainers were giving him grief.

“Yeah, they all wanna know my secret,” he said. “And they told me you’ll never last. ‘We’ve seen people like her. She’ll burn out.’”

He laughed. “Use that as motivation. They all think you're going to fail.”

It’s on. Bring it, trainer dudes. Now it’s between me and you, and I’m gonna stomp your disbelief in the chin. Yes I am. Today's soundtrack: Time of My Life.

As I left today I stopped by Johnny’s supervisor’s desk. I suspect he’s the chief grief-giver. “I’m down several more pounds from yesterday,” I warned him. “Better give Johnny a high five. It’s all his doing.”


  1. I am really enjoying this. Thank you for sharing your experience. I needed this today - to give me the kick in the pants to go back to raw and lose my extra baggage.

  2. I love that Laura . . . . stick it to da trainers!!!