Thursday, June 21

My Very Long Day

I made good use of the longest day of the year. It started by pulling an accidental all-nighter. I was writing as the sun set (which here in the Great Pacific Northwest doesn’t happen until nearly 10 pm), and when I looked up again, it was still light out...I thought. Till I realized the sun was coming back up.

When the first alarm went off awhile later, I put away the computer and slept for nearly an hour. Thank you, dear hubby, for taking long showers so I can get in a good solid snooze!

Then Little Merry Sunshine was rarin’ to go. We ran through some schoolwork, tossed in a couple of errands, and I was off to the gym. “Why so early?” the husband asked.

“Old man, this year, my summer job is losing weight. We are totally going on that cruise.”

Hit the gym. Thirty minutes on the treadmill, half an hour of stairs and squats, 30 minutes of PT. Then home for another hour of sleep. Back to the gym in the evening for an hour of yoga.

My first hour. Ever. Holy non-existent muscles, Batman! The class included a couple of women old enough to have given birth to me. They were bustin’ moves I couldn’t begin to manage.

Just when I thought I was making progress. Sigh. I have a long way to go to catch up with Grandma Yoga Lady!

Now the last trailings of daylight are visible over Puget Sound as I close up shop and prepare to put in a full night’s sleep.

And so, to the longest day, I offer a bit of Edgar Allan Poe: In pace requiescat!

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