Monday, June 18

Frequently Asked Questions

Today, I tackle a few of my favorite questions.

What do you eat?

Raw fruit. And vegetables. Fruits and vegetables. Also: Vegetables.

Do you eat anything else?

A little raw hummus, a few raw nuts, some sprouted quinoa, a bit of flax seed. But not much. Mostly vegetables. And fruit.

Do you blend food?

Sometimes. It’s fun to throw the following things into the blender: Fruit, baby spinach, a little flax seed. Or change out the flax seed for some other sprouted beans or grain.

Mostly though, I just eat chopped veggies and fruit, as is.

Are you cold?

Nope. I’m still too fat. Plus, I’m going to the gym almost every day.

Are your clothes falling off?

Not yet. But I no longer have to stand on my head to pull up the zipper.

Aren’t you worried you’ll starve to death?

Read King Rat. People lived through WWII concentration camps. People who died there, died of dysentery, typhoid, infections, or pneumonia. Or bullets. Or poison gas. Starving to death is a pretty rare feat, and I’m still the weight of a full-grown St. Bernard from starvation territory.

Do you eat raw meat?

Ewww. Hookworms. Trichinosis. Salmonella. No.

Raw milk?

E-coli. Listeria. Animal fat. No.

What about Jack-in-the-Box?

I'm pretty sure they're cooking their meat these days.

But driving past that poster of the Chipotle Chicken Club Combo just about kills me. Then I realize that what I really want is: Salt, Heat, Crunch. Solution? I add celtic sea salt and jalapenos to the hummus, and eat with crunchy baby carrots or snap peas. Problem solved.

In fact, every time I’m tempted by fast food, I discover that I’m actually craving salt. Salty raw hummus is my life line. I’ll post a recipe tomorrow.

Who’s the most over-rated celebrity in human history?

Madonna. What?

What does that have to do with raw food and exercise?

Nothing at all. I’ll just take any opportunity I find to mock The Gasping One.

You don’t seem like a very nice person.

That’s not a question, Madonna.


  1. Looking forward to that recipe.

  2. Thanks for answering my question about what you eat. I've been looking at raw cheezes from cashews and made my first batch today. Don't know why but I'm pretty sure it won't come out like the picture. And since I have to keep it fermenting on the counter and we are expecting quite a hot day tomorrow... well, maybe I won't be commenting tomorrow is all I'm sayin'.