Friday, June 1

A Day at the Market

My nephew, comedian Nick Zielinski: "Organic food. Like there's any other kind? Wouldn't that be not food?"

* * * *

He makes a point. What, are we goats? It's not like we're eating tin cans here. I'm pretty sure every banana I've ever eaten has been an organic one. It's tough to grow a banana in a smelter.

After our fridge-cleaning adventure yesterday, I went shopping for produce. We have near our home an Asian produce market that sells so many weird kinds of produce I'm not even sure whether they're all edible. I'm pretty sure, though, that they're all organic.

I filled the cart to overflowing with everything that sounded even kind of good -- and much of it even came from bins assuring me it was organic. Thai basil. Apricots. Strawberries. Melons. Bananas -- gotta have lots of bananas! Broccoli. Peppers. Baby carrots -- organic of course. Nectarines. Romaine. Kale. Oh, so much more.

Then a few things that weren't in the produce section: some flax seed, stevia, herbs for the hanging baskets...

How much did I spend on this frenzy of produce shopping? Just under 60 bucks. The clerk and I had a laugh at the final bill. "Wow!" she said. "All that for so little? I guess because you didn't buy any meat."

I generally think it's a good day when I average less than 10 dollars per bag at Safeway. At the produce market, I averaged well under 6 dollars a bag. Your milage may vary -- and a jug of Safeway laundry detergent could throw off the numbers -- but I'm thinking this raw food adventure is going to do me one better than the $5,000 prize. I may score big on the grocery bill to boot!

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