Monday, September 24

Recipe File: Nutrition Bowl

Had an amazing meal today and have to share it...Well, not the meal itself. I ate that. But the general idea, I can share.

Went with friends to visit a monastery on Vashon Island, and stopped for lunch at a cafe that serves all vegan, organic food -- much of it, raw.

One friend had the zucchini noodles...which was too good to be believed. My lunch was the Nutrition Bowl, a salad made of kale and lots of other goodies.

I'm not normally a kale fan. It's a little bitter, a little too out-there to be enjoyed much. But this salad! Breath-taking. We talked to the chef after downing our meals head first.

Here's the secret: Marinade and massage.

I'm posting the recipe here, mostly because I'm making this for dinner tonight. And maybe every night for the rest of my life.

Nutrition Bowl
I'm approximating amounts here, and will report back if the proportions require adjustment.
Pure's mouth-watering Nutrition Bowl.

Bundle of kale, washed and torn into bite-sized pieces
1T sea salt
Juice of one lemon
2T olive oil
2T sunflower seeds
1/2C mixed sprouts
1/2C grated carrot
Avocado, sliced
Lemon wedges

Wearing gloves, massage salt into kale. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then massage lemon juice into kale, until greens become a little translucent. Allow to rest a couple of minutes. Finally, massage in olive oil. Allow massaged kale to marinate in refrigerator for a few hours.

Layer in remaining ingredients, serve with tahini dressing. Makes two salads.

Tahini Dressing
This is my own recipe, but Pure's dressing is a close approximation. I grind raw sesame seeds in a coffee mill, rather than using tahini, because it's fresher and way, way cheaper.

  • 2T apple cider vinegar
  • 2T olive oil
  • 2tsp nama shoyu or tamari
  • 1/2C water
  • 1/4C sesame seeds
  • 1/4C nutritional yeast

Blend until smooth. Refrigerate immediately.

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