Friday, August 3

Run This Town

Was having a lovely dream this morning. When I woke up, I was quite disappointed to discover it wasn't real.

Dreamed I was out running a long trail past bodies of water and through trees. When I neared the 10-mile mark, the trail let out onto the track of a local high school, and several of my buddies were there high-fiving me and offering encouragement.

My knee popped and started hurting. I slowed down and asked another friend whether I should stop.

"Nope," he said. "You don't look like you're really in pain. Power through!"

So I kept running. And woke up. And was really, really sad to discover I hadn't run so much as a footstep. Let alone 10 miles.

I guess I have my work cut out for me today!

* * * *

So the work I had cut out for me was cooking -- well, not cooking, exactly. Assembling.

I have lovely, lovely friends who spent our post-workout morning and early afternoon helping me prep platters of appetizers for my dad's 80th birthday party.

The food was sort of a hit. The next few days will have lots of recipe file entries. We did the raw hummus (added turmeric because raw hummus is just too white), served with jicama sticks, snap peas, carrots, celery, cukes, radishes, and asparagas. And watch upcoming episodes for vegan caprese salad, Hawaiian platter, and best of all: Korean lettuce wraps! Thank you, thank you, K & G & A & A & C, and also M. We done good!

- - - -
Today's theme: The Friends theme song video. Natch.

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