Saturday, July 21

OMG, Becky!

Double celebration day: I’ve officially dropped out of the 200 Club! And I’m fifty pounds lighter than I was seven and a half weeks ago.  Woo hoo!

This is how resigning from the 200 Club feels:

  • When I cross my legs at the knee, the top leg hangs vertical. It no longer shoots out sideways like I’m pointing at dinner.
  • My arms drop straight down at my side. I guess they’re supposed to.
  • I can’t find two of my three chins. (And I really don’t wish to track them down.)
  • My eyes are actually roundish. I no longer look Asian.
  • My wedding ring is in a drawer. No point wearing it for awhile.
  • My eyebrows have grown back in. They’d mostly disappeared, which was sad and weird. Better nutrition seems to have an upside -- if only because it employs eyebrow waxers.
  • I haven’t needed Prilosec, or Tums, since quitting meat.
  • I now sleep through the night, undisturbed. And it seems I’m no longer a snorer. Dear God: My husband thanks you.
  • I’m pretty much living in sweats, because everything else now requires a rope to stay up.
  • When my back starts hurting, I can do some stretches to repair it. Fifty pounds ago, no way. Instead, I’d just lie around until my sore back healed. That was a whole lot of lying about.
  • I’m no longer hiding out, hoping nobody looks at me. Now when people look at me, I assume it’s because I need to brush my hair, and not because I’m larger than an automobile.
  • Strangers haven’t been rude to me since about 20 pounds ago. Can this be a real thing? Did strangers feel entitled to berate me just because I was huge? Because, yup, it happened. A lot. And now, not so much. I may become my own psychology experiment.
- - - -
Today's soundtrack: Sir Mix-a-Lot, of course. And the accompanying Dance Central workout.