Wednesday, July 11

I Get Up, Nothing Gets Me Down

And then sometimes you have a good day.

For the record, Princess Dophina and I have started swimming our lake every day.

Yesterday, we crossed the lake twice because...well, because you don’t waste a sunshiny Seattle day. They’re simply too rare.

Today, she was so excited to go back to the lake, that she actually cleaned her room. Now that’s a good lake!

Here’s what we love about our lake:
  • It’s warm – y’know, for Seattle.
  • It’s small enough to swim across (I’ve been doing exactly that multiple times every summer since 1965).
  • The milfoil has been eradicated, so it no longer entangles our legs while we swim.
  • The lake has leeches.
Leeches? Yes. The Princess and I love the leeches. Well, we don’t love having the leeches attach themselves to our feet, but we do love that the leeches freak out most people, and keep the neighbors out of the lake.

Besides the leeches are clean – ask George Washington – and rarely find us, because they live in the sand...meaning they crawl all over visiting two-year-olds, freak out the kids’ moms, and chase families permanently from this particular lake. The Princess and I know the secret, though: We jump into the lake wearing flip-flops, and evade the whole leech thing entirely.

So there you have it: Our own private, very clean lake, free for the swimming.


Today’s soundtrack, courtesy of Van Halen: Jump!

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