Thursday, May 10

Falling, and Rising

Nearly six months ago, I shattered my leg. It's been a slow recovery; my ballooning weight hasn't made it easier.

I spent six weeks post-surgery in a wheelchair, and several subsequent weeks on crutches and in a boot. Mostly, though, I sat around with my foot propped up trying to keep the swelling down.

What swelled, instead, was my butt. This is the story of how I'm taking back my life.

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  1. Hi I am Kim Tyler's sister in law. She just told me about your wonderfulness. So I am going to do some catch up reading.. I am starting a juice fast today and I am hoping you are going to INSPIRE me.

    I break something every other year on the even year. This year it was my head. A concussion. So I felt lucky. :)
    Cheers to green smoothies!