Monday, May 28

Focus, Focus

Prayer beads aren't a part of my personal religious devotion. The idea of fingering a series of beads to get through a memorized prayer seems like -- well, like cheating.

But I've got the attention span of...wait...did I just see something sparkly? Oh look! There's a little bird! My toe itches. What's the Chinese word for peanut?

Oops, there I am. Sorry, I got lost for a moment.

Anyway, perhaps the Catholics and the Sikhs and the Bahá'ís have this right: Tangible reminders sometimes keep the mind from wandering.

Today I went out and bought a couple of trinkets to help me remember the reason for this undertaking, which is why I'm now wearing a cheap string of beads on my wrist: to remind me be strong while I'm exercising. I have a braid around my ankle to remind me to work on healing my busted leg. And I have a new pair of studs in my ears to remind me that people I love will benefit if I achieve my health goals.

Normally I'm adornment free, except for my wedding ring; I now look like a gypsy bride off to freak out the groom. But now, at least, when you see me prancing about in public dressed in beads, earrings and an ankle bracelet, you won't have to ask why.

And no, I'm not going to lift my shirt, no matter how many beads you throw my way. (Of course, if you're reading this, and you're married to me, I might make an exception.)